Blippi is a popular YouTuber who blends entertainment with education. Blippi has gained over five million subscribers and his videos can involve everything from aquariums, to food, to dinosaurs. Blippi caters to children’s natural curiosity about the world and, as of October 2019, he is now branching out into a book series. The first two books help beginning readers learn all about vehicles and animals. “THINGS THAT GO!” and “LET’S SEE ANIMALS!” are currently available for purchase.

In the books, Blippi speaks directly to readers with simple text, while full-color photos show him reacting with joy to everything he sees, conveying all the enthusiasm and energy of his highly viewed YouTube videos. “THINGS THAT GO!” features the equipment of a fire truck, wings and wheels of a seaplane, monster trucks, and construction equipment, and “LET’S SEE ANIMALS” introduces sea turtles, sharks, polar bears, tigers, and more!

In just the few years since its inception, Blippi’s channel has become one of the most popular kids’ entertainment entities worldwide with 530 million monthly views and 10 billion total views. In addition to YouTube, Blippi is a leading kids’ entertainment show on Amazon Video. Energetic, lovable, and clad in orange and blue, Blippi jumps off the screen with his goofy mannerisms and friendly demeanor. Children from two to seven across the world have quickly become enchanted by Blippi’s charismatic personality and innovative teaching style.

Studio Fun International, an imprint of Printers Row Publishing, has slated a full line of Blippi books, including storybooks, sound books, coloring and activity books, and board books. The first two books contain a wealth of information delivered via simple text and vibrant and cheerful photos. Fans of Blippi will certainly enjoy reading these books over and over again.

To learn more about Blippi, visit his official YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To learn more about Studio Fun International, see the links below.





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