musical concert


It was Friday evening and the lure of the weekend was ahead of us. What made it even more special was that I had an invite to a beautiful instrumental concert that evening. I asked my MIL if she would join and she also found herself too tempted to let it pass. So, we ladies hurriedly made dinner and gave some mundane instructions to the men of the house (my hubby and FIL) for dinner. The kids were too busy with their friends to even notice our suddenly heightened activity… or so it seemed. I braced myself for some drama and protests when they finally have to know that they cannot come along…

Ananya comes along and asks me politely, ” Amma, where are we going?”

Me( Okay, here it comes): ” Only Pati and I are and…”

Ananya: “Thank God! I can read!!!”…and scampers away…

My words are still hanging…!!!