World’s Smallest is a line of miniature collectibles that understands the value of nostalgia. Produced by Super Impulse, the World’s Smallest line features working and miniature renditions of classic playthings.

World’s Smallest

World’s Smallest Super Soaker

World’s Smallest

World’s Smallest UNO.

From Lite Bright, to Lincoln Logs, to Rubik’s Cubes, World’s Smallest Toys are affordable priced and, thereby, extremely collectible.

Super Impulse has managed to get licenses from various companies—such as Mattel—to produce tiny versions of timeless classics from HotWheels and Barbie.

World’s Smallest

World’s Smallest My Little Pony.

As of Spring of 2019, there have been additional offerings including the “Toss Across,” “Crocodile Dentist,” “My Little Pony,” “Micro Arcade” (which comes in “PacMan” and other titles), “Super Soaker,” “UNO,” “Tiny Arcade: Q*bert,” and “Tiny Arcade: Tetris.” “Rally X” and “Pole Position” are launching soon. All of these additions add to the Super Impulse World’s Smallest Toys series and are sure to delight collectors.

World’s Smallest

World’s Smallest Crocodile Dentist.

To learn more, visit the official Super Impulse website. To see a video of the toys in action, click here.

World's Smallest

World’s Smallest Micro Arcade.

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