The pandemic saw many parents, especially dads step up on home duty. The combination of blurred work hours, and in some cases, overlapping duties has given rise to a new phenomenon- Work from home burnout. With human face-to-face interaction drastically turned down, working from home can lead to a lot of monotony.

Experts recommend separating work and home life when it all happens in the same space.

Here are 3 tips to beat work from home burnout almost instantly.

Take a mini-walk during the day(without your phone)

Burnout happens because of monotony. However, it’s really easy to break it – even with just 15 minutes of me-time per day.  Take a little break from your meetings and work, and wander off down the street for at least 15 minutes. This is not workout time. Just break-out time.

Change how you look to change how you feel

Life before the pandemic seems like a different life. We had set work hours, a workplace- even a dress code for work. Official dress codes are out, sweatpants and pyjamas double up as business casuals and comfort clothes at home.  In fact, the new dress code seems to be “Dress nicely from the waist up.”

Some creative memes served to break the work from home monotony for us.

Work from home memes

Twitterland gave us its share of hilarity.

Twitter work from home

Research points out the fact that just changing how you look can change how you feel. Feeling low? Dress up with some bright clothes and you will instantly feel better.
In fact, having these in your office room closet at home will make a world of difference to your productivity.

Work-From-Home: Wardrobe Basics for Men

  • Slacks. This could include corduroys and khakis for a more traditional look or slim-fitting pants for a more contemporary look.
  • Tailored dress shirts.
  • Polo shirts.
  • Tailored blazers, seasonal.
  • A few good-quality ties( Handy for business presentation makeovers).
  • Well-fitting sweaters, crew, or V-neck.
  • Dress shoes, such as loafers.
  • Flip-flops for men, if you work in a super-cool office environment. If working from home, they are perfect for a quick walk around the park or taking your call during your evening stroll. Some fresh air can work miracles before your work from home burnout builds up.

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Work-From-Home: Wardrobe Basics for Women

  • Slacks, corduroys, and khakis have a more classic look, while dress pants may be more contemporary.
  • Tailored blouses or dress shirts. Make sure that they aren’t too revealing. They could be long-sleeved or short-sleeved, depending on the climate and company dress code.
  • Well-fitting sweaters or cardigans.
  • Quality dresses or skirts, around knee-length.
  • Dress shoes. This could be loafers, flats, or pumps. They can be closed or open-toe.
  • In the summer, in more casual workplaces, nice sandals are completely acceptable.
  • Flip-flops are a niche of their own and when matched with fitted jeans or capris, can nail the informal, relaxed look perfectly.

Use Yoga to de-stress through the day.

If tSolethreads yoga for your feet. here’s one versatile fitness method, it is Yoga. There’s Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Office Yoga, Chair Yoga, Floor Yoga, even face Yoga.

All you need is to take 10 minutes and pick any- yes, any Yoga routine that can help you break your continuous sitting posture. Flip-flop brands like Solethreads even make their footwear from the same material as a yoga mat. Simply walking in them is like Yoga for your feet.

As for preventing burnout, yoga is an incredible way to be mindful, learn about your body, and relieve stress.

If you need your daily reminder, sign up for the Yoga with Adriene channel. They have a 30-day free Yoga session that drops an email to you even say at the specified time. I like her relaxed approach to fitness, and that’s what I stick to. 10 minutes a day is something you don’t just need, you deserve it.

Zoom meetings and kitchen tables-turned-classrooms-and-home-offices will continue for some time are here to stay. Work-from-home burnout is real for many people, and if you are feeling down: remember that all it might is about 10 minutes of your time to change it.

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Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels