Stack & Play Lions, Tigers, and Bears is an incredibly simple yet fun game for children. Stacking toys are classic and iconic and a company known as Schylling has created one of the cutest of such offerings via their “Stack & Play: Lions, Tigers, and Bears” set.

Product Details 

These little classic Stack and Play Animals are challenging sets that provide endless building fun! Just stack and balance your cute wooden Lions, Tigers and Bears to create remarkable and interesting shapes. The set contains nine pieces; three tigers, three lions, and three bears.

Pros and Benefits
The pieces in this set are bright, colorful, and adorable. Intended for children ages three and up, the benevolent characters will undoubtedly delight toddlers as they develop motor skills while enjoying creating new stacking patterns. These pieces are thick and solid, but not too heavy, which makes them easy for children to grip and maneuver.

Cons and Drawbacks 

The figures in this set are wooden and stationary, so they cannot be bent into different shapes to create additional patterns. If they are not stacked up properly, they can fall and make very loud noise that might scare small children. They also should be placed upon a solid surface, since they have difficulty standing upright in carpet.

Fun Additional Ideas

The characters are so cute that it is very easy to imagine children making up names and backgrounds for each one and even using them for imaginative play. They are also a good way to introduce children to lessons about gravity, balance, and other basic construction/building sciences and facts.

Final Notes

The “Stack & Play: Lions, Tigers, and Bears” set retails for $15.99. To learn more, visit the official Schylling website.

Wooden Stacking Toy Review: "Stack & Play" by Schylling

“Stack & Play: Lions, Tigers, and Bears” by Schylling helps children master motor skills.

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