Pregnant woman

Image Courtesy: Cambridge journal

Ameya is very angry that I didn’t get her out of my tummy first- that is before her older sister!  Here is what she had to say!

Ameya: I have a baby in my tummy.

Me: Really? How?

Ameya : It is just starting to grow. It will be ready to come out once I grow up. Everyday it will grow just a little bit. Will you take care of my tummy?

Me: But how did you the baby get inside your tummy?

Ameya: God gave it to me. It can come out when I get married. Till then, we can take care of it.

Me: Okay, how did you find out?

Ameya: V told me.

Me: I see. How did she know?

Ameya:  She says all girls will have babies in their tummies when they are born. They come out after they get married.( And then, she paused for a while and came back with this…) Amma, why did you wait so long to get me out?

Me:So long meaning?

Ameya: Why didn’t you get me out of your tummy when you got Ananya ( her older sister) out? Why did you wait for so long to get me out?

Me: You hadn’t even come inside me. How could I get you out then?

Ameya: Why didn’t you ask God to put me inside at the same time as Ananya?

Well, in her opinion,  God puts babies inside all at once when we are young  and we are free to remove them from our tummies anytime- once you are married, of course!