Jalianwala bagh

Image Courtesy: mediapunjab.com

We recently visited Punjab and the JalianWala Bagh.
Obviously, the memoirs of the massacre raised a lot of questions in the little heads.
There was one particular picture of a butt-baring Indian being beaten up by the British.
Amma, did they do this for ‘Shame- shame’?
Me: Yes- for that and for hurting the body too.
And then, the picture of the people falling into the notorious well…
Amma. why did they all fall at once?
Me: They had no choice. They had no place to run and when the British started shooting, they all fell over each other.

Ananya comes back with, ” Amma, was General Dyer( ‘Die’r) so called because he made so many people die?

Who says there’s nothing in a name?