Like most people, I began as  a casual blogger. I used my blog to record my everyday experiences with my kids and writing about it just helped me live the moment longer.

And then one day, I chanced upon the website of Neil Patel with a catchline that read- ” I am kind of a big deal!”

Piqued, I explored a few articles – and I was simply awed by the depth of the material on his site. I discovered that blogging can be turned into a profitable, ethical business. I also learnt that there is a sensible, systematic way to do it.  It required discipline, focus and real learning. It is a science as much as any other!

Neil’s 30 day challenge to double my traffic helped me understand what’s missing in my blog. His insights on crushing every social media channel for optimising reach and traffic are insanely detailed. His articles on – on the various outreach techniques, SEO tools analytics tools helped me really get through the technicalities of the tools. more importantly, Neil’s articles helped me understand the philosophy and purpose behind every tool and technique, rather than just explaining the workings of the tool.

Another over-whelming quality of his articles is that he gives away information so freely and generously- making even a new reader like me feel like someone has my back.

I am hardly surprised by his stupendous success.

I am really grateful and deeply indebted to Neil for doing what he does; and I consider myself lucky for having discovered him!