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Lisa Pieper

I cannot thank you enough for supplying these talks. I am a special education teacher, PreK-6th grade, in Montana, USA. I am so grateful to have instruction and insight from so many experts available to me. Thank you also for providing the links for follow-up questions and diving deeper into their areas of expertise. This summit will make a difference in the way I approach
assessment, instruction, and intervention in my classroom, as well as how I collaborate with my general education colleagues and parents. All that and I am only halfway through day 1!

Kidskintha Summit Participant

Urja Nagaria

I am impressed with your hard work and your immense curiosity, passion, and determination to execute this summit at this hour when the world is battling. All the lectures were well organized and planned, and cherry on top well lined up! The best feedback I want to tell you is I was so woven with the lectures that I managed to complete them on the designated days! I was so glued to all the lectures that I carried my screen and hands-free to the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to complete them and generate notes to share with my colleagues and apply them at work.

Kidskintha Summit Participant

Sangita Krishnamurthy

I am thrilled to see a conference hosted by an Indian parenting website that has brought together renowned names in the various fields of parenting. Not only are the presenters known, but the topics have also been curated to give parents practical ways to better themselves. Areas like resilience, social-emotional well-being, skilling for adolescents,
etc. are relevant and needed areas of discussion. I got to see a preview of a session on mindfulness by Christopher Willard and was impressed with the ease with which Devishobha guides the discussion to the needs of the Indian parent community. I am
looking forward to listening to more of the speakers during the conference.

Special Educator, Kidskintha Summit participant.

Sherryll Kraizer

Devishobha has been a great collaborator with my organization on behalf of preventing child abuse. She has been brilliant at getting simple, effective, and actionable advice and tools to parents. She brings together the best people in an easy-to-access online format. It is so unusual to work with someone who has a sense of quality and accessibility for parents!

Ph.D.; Director- Coalition For Children; Speaker, Kidskintha Parenting Consciousness Summit.

Yashwardhini Chauhan

I would like to thank you very much for holding the special kid's international summit. I had applied to more than 20 alternative schools all over India two years ago for my son's admission, but nothing worked out. I knew the existing school was not good enough for him. I felt frustrated and could not understand what plans God had for me. However I am very grateful to you for making me aware of so many aspects, now my son has got admission to a school specially meant to teach children like him, in New Jersey and my son is very happy.

Kidskintha SPINS Summit

Lisa Lynam Piar

I am an avid researcher regarding parenting techniques, especially for complex or spirited children, and have already found this summit so helpful. I especially loved Bonnie Harris’s piece. Thank you for bringing all of these great resources to the world in a way we can easily access.

Early Educator, & participant, Parenting Consciousness Summit

Neeru Tyagi

It was a very insightful experience. As a preschool teacher, I can relate to the importance of the early years, which can have a lifelong impact on our children. Thank you for bringing us to this summit.

Kidskintha World Early Years Summit.

Rupa Sharat Kumar

An information-packed presentation. There were some great parenting tips for neuro-typical as well as neuro-diverse kids.

Kidskintha SPINS summit participant.

Trupthi Dabhade

The session was wonderful and the highlight was the 5C strategy.

Kidskintha SPINS Summit participant.

Gayatri Suryanarayan

Very very interesting session! It was really wonderful the way the whole thing was explained with regard to the Indian context with practical solutions! Great job!

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