I am a reptile enthusiast, wanting to learn a lot about them. Infact I love them so much that I use almost all my free time ogling at some of the exotic species! I try and rescue these lovely creatures where I think am capable: rescuing any animal that has strayed into domestic areas or is simply in distress. I volunteer as a snake-rescuer and attend workshops to educate myself.

One such online exploration led me to visiting a page on facebook by name “Cold Blooded Vixens“. I know what you are thinking, but its an awesome display of reptile families. The brilliant colors and the amazing strength they exude! This morning I chanced upon a video of this sweet little girl talking about aggressive and bitey snakes!

Everyday is a struggle for innvation to find a good reason to wake up the kids. The snakes came to my rescue this time around They were sleepy, yet sprung out of the bed. And what followed was epic. They wanted to see more and more of the snakes after seeing the girl handling the big reptiles deftly. I sensed the excitement and showed them a few more and presto, they were wide awake.

A big hi-five to the internet!