wake-up call

Image courtesy: all-creatures.org

Every morning, we come up with a novel procedure to wake up the kids.

The wake-up tactics range from reading a morning story to playing the Suprabhatham on YouTube to enticing them with a favorite activity/sport/trip to tickling them to telling them jokes to using water on the faces to plain yelling (when we are really stressed for time).

So, last morning, my hubby was on the job as usual.  Ananya woke up and went into the bathroom teary-eyed and started brushing. Ameya quickly climbed down from the bed and walked into the other room. After a  good fifteen minutes, we realized it was a little too quiet for her to be awake and doing anything at all (even peeing). As expected,we found her sleeping in the other bedroom.

My hubby went over and started, ” Ameya, come on, time to wake up now. Its really late.”

Ameya( really annoyed): Appa, am not sleeping. I am just dreaming!