For the longest time, water and air pollution have been synonymous with big corporations and factories that dump their hazardous waste into water bodies or produce toxic chemicals that poison the environment.

We have now come to realize that it isn’t just the big names that can be solely held responsible for the water and air pollution crisis that we are facing today. Every single product that we purchase for everyday use impacts our environment in one way or another. The household cleaning products such as detergents, disinfectants, and stain removers contain phosphorus (about 30 to 40 percent of dishwasher detergents), nitrogen, and ammonia. These chemicals, among many others, are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “volatile organic compoundsand affect indoor air quality and add to outdoor smog. 

When we flush these chemicals down the drain or toilets, they head to wastewater treatment facilities, where most contaminants are removed before the water makes its way back to rivers and lakes. However, not all the contaminants from these chemical products are removed. Over time, this harms wildlife and can starve marine life of oxygen

What are the safety issues that many common household cleaning products pose?

The active ingredient in most commercial disinfectants and household cleaning products is Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC). It is an ammonium compound for cleansers and detergents, which leaves toxic residue on the surfaces it has been on. These products may be effective but are highly toxic. It can cause various health concerns in humans as well as animals.

Prolonged exposure to BAC has been known to cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD), skin irritation, and other skin problems. It can also lead to respiratory disorders. As per research, BAC is linked to pulmonary toxicity and inflammation because the lungs can act as a reservoir of BAC.

Children, in particular infants and kids, are most at risk when these products are used at home. BAC can be highly harmful to pets as well. Every household should ensure they are using pet-safe household cleaning products. 

Your choice impacts our environment

Every household has a choice to make. Commercial cleaning products are dangerous for the consumer and the environment, and their ill effects are beginning to show in gigantic proportions. 

We have to transition to green, organic, and natural household products, which means the products we use should have no phosphates, no chlorine, no artificial fragrances, no artificial colors, should have biodegradable or recyclable packaging and should be made from organically grown ingredients using sustainable farming practices. 

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The cleaner and safer option

In this pandemic era, safety is our main concern, and disinfectants sit high on every household’s purchasing list. As the stark reality of the harmful products is unearthed, many have chosen to transition to greener alternatives while purchasing household cleaning products. Many eco-conscious companies have developed products such as disinfectants, sanitizers, etc., that are safe for the environment and the end-user.

Vooki, a flagship brand of the Chennai based Pon Pure Chemicals Group, has devised a natural, planet-friendly way to clean and disinfect homes through its portfolio of 30 products which include floor and surface cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, hard stain spray and wipe, glass and surface cleaner, disinfectant cleaner, hand sanitizer, etc. 

Vooki products

Here’s why Vooki is becoming the popular brand across households:

Eco-friendly in every way

All Vooki products generate zero waste. From inception, Vooki products are designed with environment-friendly ingredients, allowing consumers to effectively clean their household with non-toxic and safe products for the environment. 

Received the Green pro certification

GEN (Global Eco-labelling Network), the Worldwide network for environmental certification, defines what ‘green’ really means and assures the credibility of the product. In India, the Green pro certification is given by CII-Green Products and Services Council, which is equivalent to the prestigious Type I Eco label.

Vooki products have undergone rigorous lifecycle-based Ecolabel testing. All the products are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle.

Green Chemistry based products

Green chemistry is designing a process that does not generate any harmful chemicals in the entire life cycle beginning from raw material selection to packaging. Vooki products are designed to align with the 12 principles of Green Chemistry which assures clean and green cleaning. Its biodegradable ingredients keep the planet and the family safe.

Better than conventional cleaners

Vooki products are better than conventional cleaners. Vooki’s advanced technology makes its products clean and green. It is safe for the consumer and the planet since it doesn’t generate toxic fumes or harsh chemicals.

Safe for you, children, and pets

Vooki products do not release harmful chemicals and can be used when children and pets are in the house. Parents can be stress-free while using these baby safe household cleaning products. It has proved to be one of the safest household cleaning products. 

Vooki bottles are recyclable

All Vooki products are packed in high-density polyethylene (HDP) bottles which are recyclable and reusable. Since they are recyclable, they do not go to landfills. Instead, they are recycled and made into new products. It is imperative to ensure the safe disposal of household cleaning products. 

Certified by global organization

Vooki has received the Green Pro certification from Global Ecolabelling Network.

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These are some of the best selling Vooki products:



Germ Shield

Vooki Germ shield



Vooki Germ Shield is a high-performance disinfection shield that works on autopilot mode, round the clock for 14 days, consistently defending and killing germs. Once you spray on the surface, you need not worry about bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds, and yeast for fourteen days! This product, which has an invisible antimicrobial coating, can be used on multi surfaces such as plastics, polymer, resin, textile, wood, glass, metal, door, etc. It is easy to very easy to use and leaves the user stress-free and germ-free.



Vooki Hard Stain remover


Hard Stain Spray + Wipe

Everybody can remove the toughest grease, mustard oil, pickle, ink, and other hard stains easily with Vooki hard stain spray. Itdoesn’t require rigorous scrubbing – just spray, wait for 30 seconds, and wipe clean with a dry cloth. It is an ecologically safe household cleaning product as it is made with a bio-degradable formula. This eco-friendly formula does the trick quickly and easily. It can be used on tiles, marbles, granite, cement, kitchen countertops, ceramic, steel, and other washable hard surfaces.


Vooki glass cleanerGlass Cleaner

Vooki’s glass cleaner doesn’t contain ammonia, bleach, or acid, making it suitable for the surface, consumer, and the planet. Once you spray the product, it clings to vertical surfaces while dissolving smudges, grease, dirt, and grime, leaving the glass, plastic, metal, and other surfaces clean and bright while giving it a streak-free shine. Its advanced P3 formula penetrates and cuts through deep roots of stains and wipes it away without leaving any residue of either dirt or liquid. 



Make the right choice for your planet

We see and hear about global warming, air, and water pollution, not realizing how our choices are directly linked to the national and global crisis. We all need to be aware and educate ourselves and our society about the impending crisis that has befallen mankind. It is time to take action, and it begins with simple choices. Make informed decisions, starting NOW!

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