There is a popular running joke in the circles of parents looking for good schools for their children. 

Parent: My child is 2 months old. When should I start looking for a school for my child?

Someone quips in response: Too late now. You should have started planning for a school admission even before you started planning for your child. 

The response may seem a little over the top, notwithstanding the humor, but the truth is that school hunting for parents is an ordeal by itself.  Reputed schools come with 

Finding a school often involves months of research based on the parents’ priorities which might include proximity, focus on academics, school reputation, curriculum, focus on extracurricular activities, emphasis on sports and physical development and so on.  The process often begins with asking for recommendations from family and friends, scoring the school websites for admission procedures, dates, age cut-offs and fee structures. What follows is long queues and multiple visits for collection and submission of application forms, entrance tests and interviews. By the time the child gets into a school, the parents are exhausted. Information collation on multiple schools, comparison of similar schools, keeping track of dates for applications and entrance exams and interviews takes a toll on the time and energy of the already time-strapped parent. 

UniApply is a Unified School Admission Platform that finally brings a solution to all the challenges above.  The platform is designed to simplify school search and the subsequent application and enrolment processes.

UniApply is the brainchild of India’s leading admission management company NoPaperForms, a leader in the Higher Education Market. While NoPaperForms has worked relentlessly to bridge the gaps in the higher education category, loopholes and gaps at the K-12 school level came to the fore.  The application process can soon become messy with missed deadlines and crucial information overlooked frequently.  UniApply is build from insights from a decade of experience in the education industry.  The product has been build based on feedback from the schools on how they manage their admissions, and parents on what they look for in a school and how they go through the admission cycle. UniApply has one mission-  to provide a hassle-free journey to parents while providing a platform for schools to make admission process smoother.

The platform also declares a disclaimer to notify parents and schools that it is only a school discovery and school application process management platform and does not indulge in promoting any particular school or service.


Here are the features we loved about the UniApply School Admission App that directly addresses the pain points during the admission process: 

  1. Granular Search For Schools by Locality: 

    The UniApply platform has a search function that lets us look for relevant school information based on localities. Below is an example of  schools found by locality. The app also provides information on the number of localities available in Bangalore.  


UniApply Locality Search


Explore locality- UniApply

Consolidated information on schools:

Once you click on a school of your choice, you can see a snapshot of all the relevant information you require about the school curriculum board, admission timeline, eligibility criteria, admission timeline and fee structure.Consolidated information


Fee information-UniApply

Comparison of schools:

Once you have gone through a few schools that seem to fit your bill, UniApply further assists you by allowing you to shortlist the school and receive notifications from the school. The app allows you to be on top of the school’s key timelines so you don’t miss important information.


Comparision of schools- UniApply


The platform gives you a single-swipe glance on the various schools you want to compare – including rating on key aspects.


Comparison of schools


UniApply Rating


Seamless application process for easy tracking of school admission status:

Most importantly, the UniApply platform truly simplifies the application process by providing one single application form for application to multiple schools. Once you have filled out the application form, you simply have to click on the ‘ Add to apply.’ The school is on your application list and you are all set to ace the application process!

UniApply- Add to apply

In Conclusion:

The UniApply School Admission Platform and app is well-thought out and seamlessly designed to help you save time and effort during this critical phase in your lives as parents, while being secure in the fact that you have made the right decision for your child.

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Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna from Pexels