Kidskintha is launching its 2nd edition of virtual conferences!. Conceptualized and designed exclusively with a view to supporting inclusion via understanding, this conference hosts 31 experts from the all across the globe speaking across 9 tracks covering early intervention, parenting strategies for success, learning success tools, future-readiness for special kids, emerging medical insights, interventions through technology and more.Our experts are researchers, educators, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors who bring extensive knowledge on the subject.

Why A Special Kids International Summit?

Over the last 2 decades, the world has seen an alarming increase in the occurrence of Autism. In the year 2000, about 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with Autism. Today, the numbers have risen to 1 in 59! While the rate of increase has been high, there is a veritable gap in understanding the condition, the reasons behind this worrisome trend, and applying the right interventions and treatments to help these kids lead a near-normal life.

Who Are Our Partners

UNESCO- Our conference is carefully designed and curated and we are proud to note that it has drawn the support of UNESCO as a brand and promotional partner for this conference. The intent and content of this conference directly support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 (acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable development and lifestyles through inclusion.)
The conference is co-produced along with MindRocket Media Group, a strategic advisory firm focused on providing communications, brand-building, media production, network development, and go-to-market support to companies operating within the K-20 education and education technology sectors worldwide.
The National Institute For Mental Health And Neurosciences(NIMHANS)- an institute of national prominence has also issued a letter of support for this event.

Who Is This Summit For?

This conference is for the special needs parent, teacher, counselor, therapist and numerous other caretakers in the life of a special needs child. But, it is also for anyone who has come in contact with a special needs family- as a friend, neighbor, family, community member. Inclusion begins with understanding.

How to participate?

Access to the talks is completely FREE. Once you sign up, you will be notified via email with updates regarding the summit it’s entirely virtual, so you can listen in from anywhere, anytime.
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