Coming the season of gifting, and I am always left with the challenge of finding the gift that hits the sweet spot between what people like( based on what we have seen of them) and what might be new and exciting for them too! Adults can be tricky, but usually, you can get an understanding of what they will like. Buying gifts for children, on the other hand, feels impossible. There seems to be an abundance of choice, topped by the technology immersion in our lives.

So, I rely upon this unfailing trick. I go back to the days of my childhood and think back to the time when play felt like play, and work that was so full of fun! Turns out the toys that I had fun with, are just as fun today! 

9 Classic Toys For Kids That Are Timeless

Kids’ Bikes


Perhaps the most timeless ‘toy’ in this list, kids’ bikes are one of the most versatile presents you will find on the market. Just like they did decades ago, bikes are still a popular way to promote physical exercise, while also providing a sense of freedom. When friends ride together, it becomes an excellent social device for spending time together, whether it’s exploring new places or hitting jumps at the local skate park.

As mentioned, bikes are a fantastic way to get children outdoors. It can help remove kids from smartphones and tablets, incentivizing physical exercise. Just remember that if you are buying a kids’ bike, you’ll also need to get a helmet, knee, and elbow pads, if the kids are still young. 


Board and Card Games

Toys for kids

Board and card games are still just as common as ever and can be a wonderful gift for children. there’s a game for every child and every age- from classics such as Monopoly and Uno to newer games like Balderdash. 

One of the benefits of the board and card games is that it provides a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. There is nothing better than a little friendly competition, and what makes board and card games so flexible is that everyone can enjoy them from children to adults. 

Stacking Toys For Kids

Timeless toys for kids

Looking for a gift for younger children or toddlers? Why not take a look at stacking toys. It’s known that kids love knocking things down, but they also love stacking objects as well.

Stacking toys come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, so whether you’re buying for a boy or a girl, there is sure to be the perfect style to suit their needs. Stacking toys are used to assist cognitive development, particularly with younger kids. Learning how to count is just one of the biggest benefits of stacking toys, but don’t forget that it’s also a great way to identify shapes and colors!  


Timeless toys for kids


Playsets feel like they have been around since forever, and for good reason! They offer hours of fun for children, as they swing, climb, and play- letting their spirit run wild. The playsets of today are designed to last, whether they are built from wood or steel, they make for long-lasting gifts for little ones.

While they may seem to be an expensive investment,  a quality backdoor playset should be designed to last many years. Many also allow you to customize the play items that they come with. If your kids love swinging, you can purchase a playset with multiple swing styles. Or if they like climbing, perhaps one with a cargo net and cubby – there are plenty of options available.

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Teddy Bear


Timeless Toys for kids


Finally, it’s hard to go past the ultimate classic – the teddy bear. Most adults have fond memories of their first ‘teddy bear’. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a teddy bear either, because doll or animal plushies can be just as popular among children. They also provide comfort in younger kids, reducing stress and anxiety. This is why they are often used as transitional items to help with parental separation anxiety. If your child is prepping for a new experience like kindergarten, a teddy bear could be the best gift for them.

Plastic Building Blocks and Bricks

Timeless Toys for kids


There is a range of different brand of building blocks and bricks, but none so popular as Lego. A staple in most kid’s lives, Lego allows imaginations to flourish- thanks to their extensive range of themes and settings. 

If you have younger children not ready for the smaller, intricate Lego blocks you can still get them involved in construction fun! Lego offers the Duplo brand which features larger, less complicated building block pieces in bright colors. 

Duplo blocks are also adaptable to standard Lego blocks. So as kids get older, they can easily transition between the two formats with ease and still use their collection to design interesting objects. Collections can also be passed down to younger children overtime. 

Wooden Train Sets

Timeless Toys for kids


While toys for kids may be getting more sophisticated as time goes on, it’s comforting to know some old-fashioned classics, like the wooden train set, isn’t going anywhere. Like many of the toys listed in this article, trains sets spark a child’s imagination and creativity, as they build their picture-perfect train route. 

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Train sets not only preoccupy kids during the construction phase of putting train tracks together but offer hours of entertainment as they play with the trains in their designed course.

Water Guns

Timeless Toys for kids


Playing with water is never going out of fashion when it comes to kids and outdoor fun. Water guns come in all shapes and sizes and are excellent for hot, summer days. Pro tip- Separate the kids into two teams and see who can stay the driest. Make sure you don’t forget water bombs – a true essential to any good water fight.

Hoses and sprinklers can also be added to the fight or even buckets of water. Join in on the fun and it won’t be long till everyone is laughing while being soaking wet.

Ride-On Toys

Timeless Toys for kids


Generations of children have enjoyed ride-on toys as they pretend to be race-car drivers. Like many timeless toys for kids in this list, there are large varieties of ride-on toys, in different shapes, colors, and styles. 

This diverse selection allows you to tailor a ride-on toy based on age and gender. Plus, they make for terrific exercise tools, keeping children both entertained and active.

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Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah from Pexels