Rhyming words

Image Courtesy: itallstartedwithpaint.com

There is something about the dining table. It just makes the kids remember everything totally unconnected just when there is food waiting to be eaten.

Things that make the list on the dining table with Ameya leading the discussion:

Who didn’t let her play in which game? who punched her first? whose hair she pulled when? what unimaginable things she collected? and what( even more) unimaginable things she proposes to do with her collectibles? Between her and Ananya, who started the fight first( which would have been 4 days back!)? Who made it to her “good friend” list today? Who got dropped off and why?  How her favourite Chhota bheem song has to be sung? Who sings better? Which side of the bed she can sleep on today and the next day and next and the next…..!

So, it was lunch time this afternoon and my hubby was really exasperated with all the talking and no action. After a lot of goading (to eat first and talk later), he finally said,  “Ameya, if you don’t finish what’s on your plate now, you will get a whack on your back”.

Ameya (losing it completely): Appa, you said RHYMING WORDS! WHACK -BACK! WHACK-BACK! They are rhyming, they are rhyming!

Appa (exasperated that he didnt sound even half-threatening): Ok, fine, they rhyme. Now, please finish up!