2013 has been a year of big realizations. Some goals met, some dropped, some dreams achieved, others simply tamed…

2013 started with the usual resolutions…exercise everyday, lose weight, change jobs, learn baking, spend time with family, etc, etc.

What it really was :-

1. I met some amazing people. The kind you know will be friends forever.
2. I met some more amazing people. The kind you know you will never meet again, and yet you know they were in your life for a purpose, however briefly. Likely to never forget them.
3. I forged some very old friendships.
4. I had some great opportunities to pursue my passions.
4. I fell flat on my face in one of my dream pursuits.
5. I realized that I have to look in the mirror a thousand times before I attempt to change anything outside of me.
6. I realized that all relationships need time and effort. Whether it is your parents, spouse, children or friends.
7. I realized that no matter how shitty I feel, I feel infinitely better when I get dressed better. Looking better is another matter.
8. I realized that waiting for something to happen to be happy is like saying, “everything that has happened so far is totally useless- anything worth happening is yet to come”.
9. I realized that regrets are totally illogical. Only because, what I regret today was what I most wanted at the time. I regret because IN HINDSIGHT they seem crazy and stupid. How, then, can I be sure that what I want today will not seem crazy and stupid 10 years later?
10. I realized that the most important and precious thing is time. Tomorrow, my children, my hubby, my parents, my friends, everybody I love- will all be older by a day- carrying what today gave them in their memories. Life is about everyday.
11. I realized that Happiness is really a zero-sum game. I can just be as happy as I want to be. Period.

So, what is my resolution for 2014?

To just be. Love myself a little more for what I am. To give before taking. To totally appreciate little everyday things. To not fret over tomorrow’s meeting today while I am gazing at my child’s artwork. To let go.

To be Happy!!!

Have a Rocking New Year ahead!!!