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The sparkling excitement of playdates, the unending school frenzy, and the high-pitched playground screams seem to have become a distant reality. One of the most challenging aspects of this pandemic has been to find constructive engagement for children within the confinement of their homes. It hasn’t been easy to keep kids creatively entertained over the last year. 

Amidst these grim circumstances, Mr. and Mrs. Burgu found an engaging way to channel their daughter’s love for science. “We realized that even though Manoghnya was only six years old, she wanted to understand the workings of the world around her. She is always curious and is bubbling with multiple questions every single day,” explains Mrs. Burgu Soujanya. It was then that they decided to address her inquisitiveness through various experiments. 

How homemade science experiments paved the way for a world record:

Life at home

Mr. Burgu Shiva Kumar and Mrs. Burgu Soujanya spend time researching various topics to excite their little girl and first put the details on paper. After they explain to her the workings of the experiment, often with vegetables, fruits, and materials sourced from the nearby stationery shop, they record Manoghnya as she unravels her understanding of science with various objects. Over the past six months, she has managed to conduct at least one science experiment every week.

Her passion project recorded every week is available on her YouTube channel- – Manu Chervi.

Mini Rocket Experiment explains how every action has an equal and opposite reaction

On Sharing Her Love For Science 

“I would like to share my love for science with all my friends and entertain them with my experiments. I can’t wait to meet them and show them the wonderful world of science experiments that I have discovered,” says the third-grader attending Quantum Leap School in Hyderabad. “Manoghnya has become very good with these experiments. She takes only thirty minutes to prepare for the experiment and achieves the desired results within three recordings,” shares her proud mother. 

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Where It All Began

Her first topic was a volcano experiment using vinegar and baking soda. Since then, she has built on her portfolio of science experiments by covering topics such as crayon/pencil sharpener experiment, illuminating LED bulbs using apples, Homopolar motor in circular shape experiment, earthquake indicating alarm experiment, and many more. India Book of Records took notice of Maoghnya’s talent and awarded her a certificate for ‘Maximum Scientific Experiments Explained by a Child. ’

The Density of Different Liquids explains how various objects react to varying densities of liquid

Collecting accolades like pebbles:

This seven-year-old isn’t new to accolades. Last year she made history by reciting 118 elements of the Periodic Table in 43 seconds without physically reading the table and set a new World Record in the International Book Of Records. 

Her parents wholeheartedly support her in her quest for scientific exploration. “Everything around us has a scientific explanation. I’m inquisitive, and I have found a fun and exciting way to show my peers how we have built the world around us,” says Manoghnya. 

Lemon Juice Invisible Ink Experiment was all about magical fun

She is also your regular 7-year-old

Manoghnya loves to spend time with her two-year-old sister and is passionate about singing, dancing, and cycling as well. What’s Next For Manoghya: 

This young scholar has a bedazzling future ahead of her. With the unhindered support of her parents and sister, Manoghnya is sure to break many more records and embrace her love of science. The Kidskintha team wishes her the very best in all her upcoming endeavors.

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