ask why

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We all know kids never stop asking questions.

I swear, I try really hard to answer most of them. I have my share of just the nods and the ‘umms’, but most of time, I am atleast thinking really hard on the answer.

Yet, I draw a total, complete blank on some of the questions.

Consider this:

Ameya and I were walking to our gate when I was suddenly caught off-gaurd by this,  ” Amma, why did that uncle grow a beard?”.

Me( very unconvincingly, of course): He wanted to.

Ameya: Why did he also cut his hair?

Me: It must have grown too much.

A few paces down…

Ameya: Why is that Aunty so fat?

Me: Shhh…Ameya..You shouldnt say such things…

Ameya: Amma, why is she walking like that?

Me: using the ignore tactic…..

Ameya: Why do you go your Aerobic’s class?

Me: To be healthy.

Ameya: Why do you dance so funnily?

Me: Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!