When 30 top experts come together to talk about the ‘One Thing’, you know they have ‘been there, done that’- sometimes the hard way.

Madeleine Davis

Madeleine Davis


Madeleine Davis, the two-time bestselling author( and a speaker on our last conference) brings together 30 top experts in a single book synthesizing and distilling decades of their experience into just ‘The ONE Thing Every Mom Needs To Know.


Have a hard time figuring out how to silence your screaming inner critic every time you are stressed? Fumbling about how to communicate on crucial pain points with your partner? Raising athletic children? Looking to raise body-confident kids? Money-savvy kids? Distilled to the ‘ONE thing’ and further broken down into 5 easily implementable steps, these 30 chapters are like the swiss-knife for effective parenting.  It’s an easy-delightful read, but don’t be fooled, this is a book that will offer a gem every time its revisited.


The ONE Thing every mom needs to know’ is available for only 0.99 cents now on Amazon. 


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