I am just wondering; how must our kids feel about all the fuss we make about their performances on stage ???

I was going through some olds pics and videos of my kids’ first Annual Day and couldnt help reminiscing…
With all our fuss with dressing them up and giving them directions, this is what happened when they went on stage..

Ananya: Our older one was playing a peasant woman…I found it a cakewalk to wake her up that morning–she was super-excited about her make-up prospects!!! After all, she could use Mom’s lipstick and eyeliner on her lovey-dovey eyes for the show!!! She danced adorably, no doubt!!  Only at her own pace!!! Hidden by another bunch of over-excited, kids!!! Did she care about her not being seen so well on stage??? Na…..I only  came here to dance!

Ameya: The younger one!!! She is truly the devil…Now, her costume comprised of a simple T-shirt, capris and a cap..now, the cap really gave her trouble and some good laughs to the others!!! she goes on to the stage…and romps about a bit to check if all is well!!! Then, the music starts…she does a little jiggie and her cap is on the floor! She goes all out for her cap!! To hell with the  music and all those people in the auditorium…and then she picks it up and does her jig again…and off it falls…and she is after her dear cap once again!! Finally, the music stops…and her cap settled on her little head!!! and then when her pals were trailing back to the pavilion, she wanted to do it all over again, now that her cap had decided to behave!

If only, we could live life for the sake of life itself, like them:)