angry sea

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We had been to the Madras Crocodile Bank over the weekend.

Ananya was a champ, absolutely loved handling all the reptiles (including baby crocs and snakes), feeding Tortoises and Iguanas.

Ameya, of course, was a great cheerleader, cheering her big sis but making sure she kept a safe distance from everything herself! We have nicknamed her “Shurapuli- The brave tigress!’

The highlight of the trip came at the absolute end.  There is a beach ( that’s pleasantly clean and absolutely uncrowded) behind the croc bank!  We had booked a cab to take us back to Chennai where we would take the bus back to Bangalore. The cab driver told us he would wait near the Alligator enclosure. It was pitch dark on the way to the alligator pen and the only noise we could hear was of the sea waves!

I myself was a little scared and muttered,  ” Wow! we can hear the sea roaring!”

Ameya suddenly walked back, hugged my legs and buried her head into my dress. I looked down and realized the poor thing was scared out of her wits! When I bent down to reassure her, she whispered between her tears, ” Amma, I want to go home! I don’t like the sea snoring!”

Kids’ fears can be strange sometimes!