Ananya was about 3 when the Tsunami hit again..

There was news all over and everybody at home was talking about it.

Ananya kept listening and finally asked me, “Amma, what is Tsunami?”

Me: Tsunami is like an earthquake inside an ocean..

Anan: What is an earthquake?

Me: When the earth moves beneath us, its an earthquake. Meaning, we are sitting here right now, but if the earth moves,  we cant sit straight…it’s like somebody pulls or shakes your chair and you cant sit straight…

Anan: So, the ocean makes the earth move?

Me: Could be…or the earth could move itself and make the ocean move as well…

Anan: How can the ocean move more? It already has waves coming all the time ….

Me: The waves come with a lot more force…they are really fast and heavy and can remove everything in its way…

Anan: So, the ocean is angry?

Me: could say so…

Anan: Is the ocean angry because people spit into it?

Me:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? Yeah! I  guess so!