Image courtesy: Myindiapictures.omc

Ameya comes back from school  and declares, “Amma, I married in school today!”

Me: What? What did you do?

Today is Rakshabandhan day…so I tied Rakhee to MY boy and he tied Rakhee to me and teacher gave us flowers…like the function we went to (referring to a wedding we had attended)!

The next day, during her bath, she looked at my new toe-rings and said, ” Amma, even I want toe-rings like that..”

Me: Only married people wear toe-rings..

Ameya: Amma, I told you! I got married in school yesterday!

Me( playing along now): Really? What’s your husband’s name?

Ameya: Ummmmmmm…I forgot!

Oh, Kids!