Every night, for the last few days, this pattern of conversation has been repeating …

The bedtime story is over, the lights are switched off, and then I am lying there in the dark, listening to their take on life…

So, here goes:

Ameya: Amma, when will you die?

Ananya: When we grow up.

Ameya: When we grow up, this building will fall and you will die? ( I do not know where she caught the building idea)

Me: I may not die exactly when this building falls…

Ameya: When you die , will you tell God to send you back?

Ananya: She may not come back as a human being, she may be a cow, a goat, anything…( dont know where she heard that!)

Ameya: Dont worry, when you die, I will catch hold of your dupatta tightly and hide behind you and come with you to God…and ask him to send you back!

Ananya( already in tears by now): AMEYA! STOP THIS! You are making me cry!

The session ends with me comforting them over my own funeral with reassurances that I will not die very soon!

Makes me wonder, what will my real funeral be like????