chaos and kids

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Another weekend that has come by, but its so different than the others.

To start with, I have plenty time left… Really,  no kidding, I have lots of time to do everything I wanted to for the last couple of years. Its because Vibha and Raj are in India visiting Grandpa. Grandpa is not well, so Raj wanted to go see him.

So what does that leave me with?? Just one kid and lots of time. I feel I am a free bird now, I can go shopping all I want, watch  TV(past few years it has been ranging to about 10-20min daily) all I want. Sleep all I WANT!!!  Yes I had a good weekend sleep.

Yet, it feels so empty around the house. No noise, no arguments, no crying, no laughter.. I feel lonely. Thank goodness for Sarika being with me, else I would go mad. It now feels as though I have so much of time.  Till now, it felt like chaos. Now, the absence of it makes it boring!

I would trade all my free time for Vibha and Raj to be here with me. I think they are a part of me now. I will be counting days for sure and thank goodness for me working, so the weekdays would just pass by in a jiffy. So for people who havent started a family yet, I think you all should . Its wonderful to see ourselves through the eyes of our kids. Kids are precious.

Hell, I always thought two kids were too much for me. Now I know I can handle them! This break has given me some awakening after all!