The love letter

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Ananya comes back from school and it is business as usual.

After-school meal, school-time recap, both trying to talk at once, fights over whose version was right or wrong…
And then she made my heart miss a beat with THIS!

“Amma, today I got a love-letter in school.”

I am unsure about how to react to this one…not even sure if she knows what that means?

With trepidation, I proceed, ” Ok…from whom?”

She drops a name…

Me: What had he written there?

A: A heart and I love you!

Me: Did he give it to you himself?

A: No. He passed it to me through another girl ( drops another name!)

Me: What did you do?

A: I gave it back to him!!!

My mind is racing as I am trying to pick the thought that gives me the most comfort…

” They are just kids”…”She is only seven”…” These kids watch too many movies”…”Do I tell the teacher” …”Should I let it go?”….”Do I see a hint of shyness in her?”…” I am just paranoid!”…

Finally I ask back, ” Ok, what does that mean?”

She replies non-chalantly , “He wants to marry me when I grow up!!!”