After a tirade of questions posed to me mostly by myself, I finally decided to take the plunge.

I have applied and made it to the first batch of the “Bangalore Civic leadership Incubator Program” organized by the Bangalore Political Action Committee!

The most interesting part was the curious mix of reactions I got from general junta on my initiative:

Some congratulated me,” Great! Keep it up!”
Some elucidated plain curiosity about my motives.” Does she have a bigger darker plan going on behind this?”
Some were sophisticated enough to just let it be. Like saying without saying, ” So? How does that affect me now?”
Some tried to dissuade me, “Nothing can really change. The system is beyond redemption. We will lose our time and money in the process.”
Some showed concern,”Its not safe to do this. Be very careful. You could get into big trouble”
Some cast sidelong glaces as if to ask, ” Don’t you have a family?”
Some were confident about my non-suitability for this field,” I don’t think this kind of thing sits well with you!Nah! Not you!”

So, what really tilted my decision towards taking this up?

1. The unflinching support and encouragement of my immediate family. Especially, the two most important men in my life- my husband and my father. Happy and grateful for that!

2. I can finally cease to be the arm-chair critic and get a peek into the other side of the story.

3. This could turn out to be the opportunity for aspirants like me to step into the (dirty)world of politics! And the great thing is, we can run a trailer before we really jump into the bandwagon.

4. This could be my opportunity to see the real quantum of power we vest in our leaders that are wasted by sheer irresponsibility.

5. This could be my opportunity to study the real quantum of power vested in ourselves( the common citizens) that is wasted by sheer apathy.

6. This could be my opportunity to see some green shoots in the vast sheen of hopelessness that our citizens have come to take for granted.

7. This could be my opportunity to get armed with knowledge- an important weapon to stem the “You know not- this is politics” excuse thrown in our faces every time(which is seldom) we dare to question!

And finally, this!

8. I met an 80-year old man on my street who spends his time as an RTI activist; just helping people resolve their issues with the Government. He is open to helping ANYBODY who approaches him with a problem and takes it upon himself to write to any official, however big in the system- to demand a resolution! And he has been very successful because he just uses the right tools. That’s all we need. The right tools and the right knowledge.

If an 80-year old man can do it, what exactly is stopping us from doing our bit. Every system, however deeply entrenched can change when enough people come together to probe and make it better. It has happened over and over again in history. There’s no reason why it can’t happen now. Drops of water can make a big ocean.

And I hope I can be the drop which makes the waves!!!