So, I have been curious about this.

When me and the kids are together, just how much time passes between their incessant ‘Amma’ calls…

So, I did some real timer watch and turns out – the mean time between two Amma calls is 4 seconds…

“Amma, where is my grammar magic book?”
“It is in your bag”
“Amma, I cant find it”.
“Let me look”. And out comes the book…
A sheepish smile…
“Amma, can you give me 4 blank papers?”
“Amma, can you cut 7 in this?”
“Amma, can I wear the pink skirt?”
“Amma, can I have dairy milk”?
“amma, tomorrow I have to carry 2 photos to school”.
“Amma, Sri Valli is a really bad girl”
“Amma, the test was very easy”


Finally, I am really annoyed and ask them to stop calling me…

Guess what…the next ‘Amma’ comes after about 3 seconds…3 seconds of respite…huge, right?

I have a suggestion- The doctors and the researchers group should conduct a study on Attention Deficit Disorder with the indispensable mommy group…Perfect target group!!!
Moms out there- anyone care to disagree?