I have been yelling  and stressing out a lot lately . I wonder, is it because two kids with a job is not my cup of tea ?

My life is no piece of cake with two in hand; they are way beyond two handfuls. Too much on my plate and too little time to do.

So to get to the point, this other day, I planned to get up early; get ready; finish the mundane stuff  and then wake the kids up !!! well, that was plan, but plans seldom work out the way we think! I am still in a trance from waking up too early, and not getting enough sleep and I hear Vibha wailing- demanding her pet toy (a parrot) in her sleep!!! And what am I doing? Am in the bathroom, ofcourse, struggling with early morning pressures. I rush out, my job unfinished (which rattled me even more) and yell at her to shut up!

After the anger, comes  the guilt . I took  back the poor thing, cuddled her and showered her with kisses and hugs. I was surprised by my own temper at one moment, the guilt the next and the calm after that.

Is this motherhood or is it just me???

To my surprise,  the same day Shobs was online.  I vented my entire guilt  to her and guess what? She had a similar episode the previous day!  what a coincidence! or is it a coincidence?  Made me feel better…atleast fellow moms go through the same thing! I am not alone!  I guess venting it out helped me a lot too.

So to the readers/writers on this post, I think posting your episodes is a good way of doubling your joys with your little ones and halving your miseries about parenthood.

So, go for it!