baby dress

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Ameya has this favourite frock in maroon and pink with a huge rose pinned up on her frock belt. She wants to wear it as soon as it is dry, sometimes even before it is completely dry, as soon as she is back from school, as soon as she wakes up in the morning, just about all the time.

So, one of those evenings, when she was in her fav frock, I slipped a sweater on top of it coz it was chilly outside.

Ameya: Amma, I dont want this sweater on top!

Me: Its chilly outside! You cant go out there with just your frock.

Ameya( pointing to the mound that is the pin-up rose beneath the sweater): Amma,  everyone will think I have only one booby!

Oh God! What could I say?????