Chess for kids

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The sisters have a new fetish. Chess.

Ever since their dad introduced them to chess, Ananya eats, drinks and sleeps chess. I must say, the game got her addicted.

So, these are some typical game scenarios….

Step 1 : Amma, play chess with me.

Step 2:

Me and Ananya on the board:  The board is set. We move a few coins. Ananya’s bishop is in my board. Ananya begs, ” Amma, please dont kill my bishop. Only then, in the next move I can checkmate you!”. Me: Ok.  Ananya wins.

Step 2:

After a few ‘wins’, I ask her to go over to her dad.

Step 3:

Appa, play chess with me.

Step 4:

Dad and Ananya( after some pleading) on the board:  The board is set. They move a few coins. Ananya begs, ” Appa, please dont kill my rook. Then I will kill your horse in the next move.”  Dad: ” OK, but only this time.” Ananya wins.

Step 5:

After a few ‘wins’, Dad says  “Now you both should play with each other”

Step 6:

Ananya and Ameya on the board:  The board is set.

Ameya: I checked your king, yaar!

Ananya: We have not even started the game!

Ameya- Starts moving Ananya’s coins.

Ananya: You are supposed to move from only your side of the board.

Ameya- Moves her rook from the corner to the middle of the board.

Ananya- A rook cannot move like that!!! and first of all, you need to move the pawn in front of him. Only a horse can jump over.

Ameya- Ok. Moves 3 pawns at the same time.

Ananya( by now really angry): AMEYA, YOU CANT DO THAT.

Ameya: do what?

Ananya: move 3 pawns at the same time.

Ameya: jumps the horse about 6 squares and kills Ananya’s pawn.

Ananya( in tears by now): Amma, look at Ameya.

Ameya: Picks out Ananya’s king from the board and throws him out.

Me: Ameya, you cant play this way. do you remember the rules?

Ameya: Amma, she killed my king last time. So I killed hers this time.


Ananya( very angry and frustrated): I will never ever play with you again.

Ameya is already on a different task like combing her doll’s hair.

Game Over. Back to Step 1.