If you are a parent, then it’s a given that you get challenges thrown at you at all times, often when you least expect it. As a 21st century parent, we find ourselves in a unique position as parents.

Our parenting challenges have never been faced by any generation before, so traditional advice often doesn’t seem relevant. Our kids are largely bred on the internet, so find ourselves wanting in meeting them where they are. Our parenting methods may attract the ire of our family for being too liberal, too strict, too futuristic and so on. And yet, as a parent, we are up at nights thinking if we are truly meeting the child’s needs.

And hear this. We know that this nagging feeling of inadequacy and confusion seems to grow on the parent as the child grows past his early years. Through the growing years, you encounter new highs and lows that seem to be unique to you.
You see, even though parents might find themselves a lonely tribe, you are likely to find yourself with the MOST supportive community around you when you become a new parent. The arrival of a child is a measurable event. It’s a big change that you and your family prepare for- physically, emotionally, mentally, financially. Your family comes over. Your neighbours bring warm food and gifts. Even people halfway across the globe seem to ‘get’ you when you go seek out support. There are communities to lend, borrow, sell baby toys and accessories. There are global communities for breastfeeding and new mom support.

It’s all good. It’s essential.

But the same group of parents find themselves alone when dealing with the challenges of raising an adolescent or a tween. Your child growing through the different stages is somehow not the same relatable event that triggers support anymore.

You are alone when you are trying to make sense of the child’s hyperactivity. Or lack of interest in anything at all. Or when dealing with sudden temper tantrums. Or the locking up of doors. The yelling. The bullying. The stony silence. The drowning in screens.

It’s as if the new parent support group has now dispersed and are now trying to go it alone. Your community seems to have vanished and you didn’t even notice!

The Kidskintha ‘SuperParent’s program is designed to not only help you hone your parenting skills, but also to give you your precious community back! We know parenting can get lonely. And an uphill endeavor. You might be doing a fab job, and not even know it- because, nobody told you!

Join our ‘SuperParent’ program to gain:

Guidance through specific age-based parenting challenges
Science-backed, research based actionable strategies that you can apply to your everyday family scenarios.
Led by certified, renowned expert facilitators.
Gentle hand-holding through 4-weeks to guide you through the challenge and help you redesign your experiences.
Community support through the entire process.

Sounds like something you could explore? Let us know about your interest here!