The best thing about summer has to be the post-dinner stroll. The kids and I have an incredible time talking about all the crazy stuff in the world while walking. We also play games.Sometimes, their grandparents join us.

One night, it was just Ameya and me there ( Ananya had slept early).

Ameya: Will you play Tom and Jerry with me?

Me: Ok, how do you play that game?

Ameya( pointing to 3 different spots):  The den(the person who is chasing) will stand in the middle and the others have to run between these posts.If the den touches any of them before they reach the corner posts, it is the other’s turn to be the den.

Me: Ok, sounds good.

Ameya: Your turn first.

Me: Ok…Go stand in the corner.

So, we start the game and I catch her in no time at all; repeatedly reminding her to keep her voice down( She can scream her lungs out when she gets excited).

Ameya: Amma, I am introducing a new rule. Even if you catch me, you get to be den !!!


So, I end up catching her , and then catching her again, and again and then again…kids can really wrap you around their little fingers!!!