There’s been a trail of anthologies dedicated to inspiring women(and men), some of them reminding us about people who changed history to make our world the way it is now.  In continuation of a trend kicked off by the ‘rebel girls’ book- a collection of the stories of 100 firebrand women from all over the world, the newest in a collection of inspiring stories is an anthology dedicated to South Asian Women who broke stereotypes. – Stories for South Asian Supergirls. 

Stories For South Asian Supergirls

Raj Kaur Khaira: Founder Pink Ladoo Project

The book is a passionate project by London-based Rajvinder Kaur Khaira, the editor of the anthology and the founder of Pink Ladoo Project, which turned into a global movement established in 2015 to fight gender bias inherent in South Asian cultural customs and traditions. The project quickly caught on and is now active in Australia, Canada, and the UK. The portraits in the book are a visual treat by ten international South Asian female artists.

The book features 50 women who have forged their own path covering Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. While women all over the world have their challenges( else, why is the “glass ceiling” debate perennially watered?), this book handpicks women personalities that emerged above the limitations of their cultural backgrounds. What sets apart these women is that almost all of them have had to make their own identities in a foreign land, thriving in their new environments.


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The book spans not just a very broad time range, but also a wide range of careers. If there are inspiring stories of spies and writers and activists; it also features present-day comedians and Youtubers and LGBTQ activists,  never wavering from its motive of inspiring young women of color to go surge ahead and break new ground for themselves.

Mindy Kaling and Pritam Kaur Hayre: From Stories For Asian SuperGirls

Mindy Kaling and Pritam Kaur Hayre: From Stories For Asian SuperGirls

What I particularly liked in the book is the ‘Super Artists’ interview feature- the short interviews pack a punch by featuring current, influencing artists who broke out of the mold on their own strengths, followed by information on each artist that can help you follow their work( replete with Instagram and Twitter handles.) Every artist is presented with 8 interesting questions, and their responses point us other people and themes they have found inspiration from creating a domino effect for inspiration, energy and vitality.

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The book also has a mini vision board where the reader is invited to put in her portrait and visualize her future. As testimony to the adage ‘strike it when the iron is hot’, the author’s conviction that even one moment of inspiration can do wonders is evident from the way the book coaxes young readers to reimagine themselves!

Stories for South Asian Supergirls is published jointly by Kashihouse and HarperCollins Children’s Books and is available on Amazon and other major bookstores. Kashi House is a social enterprise publisher dedicated to producing high-quality books on the rich cultural heritage of the Sikhs and the historic region of Punjab that today spans Northern India and Pakistan. Also, 100% of author proceeds from this book will go to charities supporting women and children.