Stikbot Monsters are a truly unique and fun Halloween offering that will remain useful all year long. A set of six monster figurines, this latest collection in the stop-motion series by Zing is arguably their most unusual, creative, and fun. Appealing to both boys and girls, the set features six uniquely shaped and colored characters that are just as bendable and stop-motion worthy (via suction cup feet) as a regular Stikbot.

Giggles is a shiny silver clown with green hair and a menacing grin. Aquafang is a blue sea creature with fins and scales that is very akin to the classic “creature from the black lagoon.” Kyron is a gold four-footed stikbot that strongly resembles centaurs of lore. Grim is a white skeletal figure with red eyes. Goblin is a green character with pointy ears and a mischievous grin. Finally, there is Insector who is a bright red, six-armed, spider-like mutant. Together, they make quite an image that will certainly get kids imaginations going when it comes to creating storylines for the characters. The series also comes with three “Mega Monsters”: a three-headed red dog named Cerberus (based on the Greek legend), a green ogre named Gigantus, and a blue winged dragon named Scorch.

Each of the small Stikbots retails for $4.99 and the three larger ones are $9.99. They are suitable for children ages four and older. With over 360 million views on YouTube, Stikbot continues to turn kids into creative stop-motion animation moviemakers, letting their imagination run wild. With the free Stikbot Studio app, available on iOS and Android, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options. Users can share their creations using #Stikbot and see what others are making all over the world!

The Stikbot Monster series is incredibly unique and certainly offers a lot of opportunities for creative play. To learn more, visit the official Stikbot website.

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