Image Courtesy: cartoon-picture.blogspot.com

My mom explained the story of Sri Kalahasti, the famous Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh to the kids.

She goes, “The temple gets that name from three animals that were great devotees of Lord Shiva. Sri means Spider, Kala means Snake and Hasti means Elephant. All three took turns in worshipping the Shiva Linga..and that’s how it got it’s name…”

So, today, the story took its own turn because Ananya has a classmate called SriKari( which is another name for Lakshmi).

She comes to me and asks, ” Amma, Does Srikari mean Spider- curry?”

Me( I didnt relate to it, of course): Means?

Ananya: ” Gowri Amma told us Sri means spider.. that means Srikari would mean Spider curry, right?”