Among my varied interests is Climbing. And as part of my efforts at figuring out what really sparks up my kids- I show them a lot of inspiring videos of climbers- Young ones, particularly.
Here are some of my kids’ favourites-
Brooke Raboutou

Watch how this young girl aces one of the toughest climbs…and listen carefully to the voice behind her…

I felt so overwhelmed by the voice that I had to sit upright both in a moment of inspiration and anticipation. “Sometimes you try and fall, again and again and again. Only to realize its not the right time. But you can come back and ace it all!” Inspiration simply because there is no area which this doesn’t apply to. Anticipation because you so want the little fighter to win!

I also have noticed that when the kids are visually exposed to others overcoming challenges, they tend to push themselves more without us goading…hmm. Food for thought?