SmartGames is a company that creates fun, brain-teasing, three-dimensional puzzles for both children and adults. In mid-2018, the company released a series of new offerings which are just as interesting, unique, fun, and multi-themed as the release from previous years.

The most notable—and adorably appealing—of the new releases is “Squirrels Go Nuts!” which features four cute squirrel figurines and round “nuts” that they must place in the holes. The object of this sliding puzzle game (that includes no less than sixty challenges) is to help the squirrels hide their nuts for the winter. Fun for kids and adults, “Squirrels Go Nuts!” comes with a portable game board and lid, making it perfect for on-the-go fun! It’s intended for children ages six and older.

Another new offering is “Asteroid Escape,” which is also a sliding puzzle, but this one has a space theme. Focused on sequence play and strategic thinking, “Asteroid Escape” featured eight puzzle pieces, some of which require 100 moves to be successfully completed! Luckily, the game (like all SmartGames) comes with an instruction booklet that reveals how to solve the puzzles if you really get stuck. The object of the game is to slide the puzzle pieces around (without tilting the puzzle pieces), until you can slide the puzzle piece with the space ship through the opening in the middle of the game board. Underneath the wings of the space ship. The puzzle piece with the space ship is the only on that can be slit off the grid, because it’s the only one with cutouts at the bottom side. Some puzzle pieces show “stars”. Their function is to help you during setup with the right position and orientation of every puzzle piece. For the same reason some asteroids have a different color than others.


“Asteroid Escape” is a tricky puzzle with a space theme.

Finally, “IQ Stars” was updated and released. To date, SmartGames has published eight different IQ-puzzle which all share a similar “fill up the grid” concept, yet they all look different and each game has its own characteristics. Studies have shown that people have more trouble solving hexagonal grids than square grids. Hence, this makes “IQ Stars” quite a challenge…especially because it features 120 games!

All of these games are suitable for children as young as six or eight to adults. Playing these games can help keep your mind sharp and strengthen your ability to think outside the box. They’re also tremendous fun, affordable, and really eye-catching. Moreover, they are surprisingly challenging and will keep you occupied for hours. Since they travel well, I highly recommend them for long car and/or plane trips. To learn more, visit the official SmartGames website.

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“IQ Stars” is another new puzzle released by SmartGames.