I remember the time when my daughter wouldn’t go to sleep, no matter what arguments I used. She was so curious to see what happened during the night! She planned to stay awake and observe how everyone else was sleeping, how the moon was passing by and how the morning light was taking over the darkness. So I had to make up something better than all my usual tricks. I told her that if she missed one night of sleep, her ability to remember things, facts and even people would suffer. “You might not even remember who I am,” I told her. I knew I was exaggerating, but the thought that she wouldn’t recognize her father turned out to be slightly scary for my beloved. And that was how I got her to sleep. Well, at least for a while!

Even if it seemed “bloated,” my argument was not entirely far-fetched. I’ve read many medical studies on the matter, and all of them warn against the effects of sleep deprivation on children. The most common ones are hyperactivity, clumsiness, elevated sensibility, the incapacity of staying focused for a long while and, of course, memory problems. In the long run, the issues can become even more dangerous – obesity, heart diseases and many more.

That’s why it is vital to make sure that our children get the right amount of sleep they need for a balanced life. The mattress they sleep on plays a crucial role in this mission. Its purpose should be to support their spine, keep it aligned with the bones and to allow the neck to lie in a relaxed position. The position of their body during sleep impacts their growth.

Although a child’s spine is very flexible during the growing process, it is exposed to potentially permanent impairments if forced to bear pressure for extended periods of time – as it would be the case if the child sleeps on an unfit mattress. A supportive mattress will keep the child from tossing and turning during sleep, thus helping the spine and bones to develop correctly.

Considering all those arguments, I believe that choosing the right mattress for our children is crucial, even though it may seem overwhelming sometimes due to the variety of options found on the market. Which bed would suit them best? What level of firmness will make them feel comfortable? 

So here are the most important aspects to take into account when looking for the right mattress for your children:

Identify your child’s sleeping habits

The position they favor during sleep is significant in the process of choosing a mattress, mainly for deciding the level of firmness. Remember that we all change positions when we sleep, so your children will do the same, that’s why it would be wise to see what posture they keep the most. Also, the age of your child is relevant in the process: some models are excellent for children of all ages, while others are designed for specific age-classes.

Do your homework

The unbiased online reviews of the products are your best ally in this quest. I know it seems like a lot of work to do, but information is power, and it will help you choose wisely. So take your time and evaluate the description of all types of mattresses, the reports other buyers have provided, comments, opinions, even social media posts; all those will help you decide what not to buy and what to consider.

Get the right fit

Try to choose a mattress to accommodate your children for many years, not just one or two. They grow so fast, so pick a broader and longer size to suit your future teenager. When it comes to materials, it’s more prudent to invest in natural ones, such as cotton, silk, organic wool, natural latex, etc. That way, you protect your child from potentially harmful problems, such as respiratory issues, allergies or skin irritations.

Always check the label and description of the product, mainly for chemicals. Most modern models are high-quality, eco-friendly, safe and comfy altogether, so even if they cost a bit more, think of the fact that you invest in the safety and well-being of your child. Knowing the way your kid sleeps will help you decide upon the level of firmness and comfort offered by the mattress. Keep in view the type of support your child needs and check out the reviews I mentioned earlier to see if the model you desire delivers all that was promised by the manufacturer.

Set a budget

Now that you know many things about what would be best to purchase for your child, it’s time to establish how much you would be willing to pay for it. Consider the fact that the new mattress is going to be a long-term investment, so try to set a generous budget. The fact that you won’t have to buy another one in a few years means saving money.

Beware of selling stunts

Some manufacturers label their products as “medically-approved” or using other medical-related references. But there is no medical organization to certify mattresses to advertise under such labels officially. The products may have unique features to help the body rest properly, but anything else is just a selling stunt. Don’t be fooled!

Shop from specialized retailers

When a store sells all sorts of products, and mattresses are just one of those, it means that they are not specialized on sleeping items. Look for those retailers who only sell mattresses, beds and sleeping accessories, because they will offer you multiple choices, professional assistance and probably a better deal than the other stores.

Check policies and conditions

If you shop online, you could get better deals (special offers, discounts, free shipping & delivery and so on). Online retailers usually have lower prices than traditional stores. Make sure to check for any additional fees (if there are any) and, if not advertised, ask about the trial period and the return policy. Most retailers nowadays offer extended trial periods, so everyone has the chance to try the mattresses in their bedrooms. It’s best that you know the returning conditions, in case your child doesn’t feel comfortable with the new bedding and you need to send it back.

Invest in a new product

I know that purchasing a slightly used mattress may seem like a good deal, but, in fact, it would be a hasty decision. Buying a brand-new mattress is essential for a great night sleep. Rest Right Mattress has some great options for children – their Reverie model is made with new and high-quality products, which is precisely what I recommend. This particular product provides a unique feature which I consider essential: it can be adapted to fit different body shapes, sizes, and health issues. Thus, it would make a perfect partner for a developing child, no matter the circumstances.

Used products, even if they are of good quality, have a limited lifespan. You’ll have to buy another one shortly. On the other hand, new products come with years of warranty and most of the times you also get perks from the manufacturer, such as one free cleaning or reconditioning or the possibility to get accessories for the mattress without additional costs.