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Music is a universal language. It has the power to transcend language and touch the core of your being. Music is the companion to ecstatic and depressing moments in equal measure. Music bonds with a certain irreverence to geography, gender, or culture.

All of us have had moments of pride in belonging to a particular ‘cult’ of music lovers, built our identities around our favorite artists. We lap it up when our favorite celebrities talk about the process behind it, all the hard work behind the glitter, or even stories of how it all just ‘came’ to them.

What IS the process really like? How does a singer-songwriter actually bring words from the air to life?

Well, we have a certain(little) someone – our little pathbreaker – who released her own single during the pandemic, and it all began in a car! Like any typical 8-year old, Talia Jose was bored out of her mind looking out of the window while her mother was driving- not a surprising fact given the infamous Bangalore traffic.  Talia wanted to listen to the radio while driving, but her mother didn’t allow it because she needed to focus on the road to drive. Boredom spurred the creative juices of this little singer-songwriter and the lyrics came pouring- all while she was still in the car!

Kidskintha invited Talia over for a chat over her process, her success, her life, and her dreams. Not to forget, we touched upon some superpowers, too! Read on!

Hi Talia- Congratulations on releasing your first single! How does it feel?

I feel happy every time I hear my song and when my friends tell me they have heard my song.

When did the first thought that you could record as a singer-songwriter on your own occur to you?

I had written the song and made a melody for it, and I showed it to my piano teacher. He really liked it and told me that I should record the song and he would help me with it.

Tell us your process of songwriting. Did your release evolve through the whole process?

  • I have been writing small poems and songs. ‘Head Held High’ is not the first song I have written, but this song was the most liked by my teacher and parents, so we decided to publish it.

First I wrote the first stanza and chorus and made a melody. Then I added one more stanza. Then my piano teacher made the background score and we recorded the song at home. After that, the mixing and mastering were done by my piano teacher. I also released a video for the song.

Head Held High is a song with a message of hope for the future.

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What part of it did you enjoy the most?

I enjoy making the melody, though I find it harder than writing lyrics.

You are also a doodler and painter. How did you structure your day around all your interests?

I practice the piano every day and I sing almost throughout the day. I doodle and paint whenever I want to, I don’t do it every day. I have other interests like playing sports, dancing, and reading.

Did the pandemic change anything about your day?

The pandemic has made me spend more time at home, and I have done more music and art during the pandemic.

Talia Jose: Singer-songwriter

How are you enjoying your newfound fame?

I feel happy and I want to write and publish more songs.

If you had a boon, what would you ask for?

I would ask for everyone in the world to live forever. I want my pet and parents to live forever.

What do you imagine for yourself as an adult?

I want to do so many things- I want to doodle, sing, explore space, design houses, play sports, and many more things. I believe I can do many things at the same time.

What do you like the most about yourself?

I like everything about myself.

If you could do anything you wanted for a whole day, what would you do?

I would like to play with my friends and my pet hamster the whole day.

What are you brewing now?

My friends and I want to start a dog walking service in the community called ‘PUPPYTASTIC’. We have been working on the posters and making plans on what to do. I also want to publish more songs.

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You can follow Talia on her Instagram page: @taliaspurpleslate