sibling attention

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My life revolves around the kids for now and will forever (What the hell was I doing before I had them?).

Vibha, my 3 and a half year-old pre-schooler,  is always battling for attention due to my younger daughter Sarika. I often tend to ignore her talk or needs (sometimes) because Sarika (14 months) needs more attention at her age( Hey, I am human, too! And I only have finite time…)

Often after I do that, there is a guilt in me that I did not do things right. I always think I should do it right the next time …and the next time goes to the next…and the next…

So  I decided to be different this time with Vibha…

This morning when she woke up, unlike other mornings, I took her in my arms and cuddled her, laid her down on my lap, gave a few kisses on her cheek,  asked her if she slept good. She was thrilled and the child that she is, responded so beautifully … a big smile and a readiness to get going with her daily morning routines- Cheerfully!. That’s a challenge that I face everyday and today it went so smooth. Why didn’t I do it before?

A little love and caring goes a long way!