I follow quite a good number of comedians and talk shows on Youtube. The videos are surprisingly humorous and are thought provoking (thats what I think!). My regular morning jaunt of Jimmy Kimmel’s channel took me by surprise. I have seen some women drive and they swear like hell! Take a look at the following video

Makes me wonder at several levels. Do women swear more than men? Or are they simply noticed more when they do because they aren’t supposed to? Are they more influential on kids than men? What is it that the kids find amusing when their moms swear? What goes through the kids mind when they hear a word which sounds odd and is called a swearword! Do they know its profane? What exactly do they think when we say those words and they are not supposed to? Worthy of introspection?

Would love to know what you heard on the roads and how your own girl/lady has sworn in the past and how your child took it! Will be a good discussion to know whats what! Here’s how my kids reacted to how their mom swore on the roads…Watch those words!!!