Sera Learns to Fly! by Vinitha

Katha Books

Age Recommendation 4+

Written by Vinitha

Art by Nirzara Verulkar

Sera Learns to Fly is the story of the power of dreams. Published by Katha and written by Vinitha, this book tells us the lovely story of a little ant Sera, who learns the power of her own dreams and desires.

Sera lives in a big colony of ants and even though she has never once seen any other ant fly- Sera nurtures a deep desire to fly.

The vibrant colony that Sera lives in buzzing with activity and busyness! Sera integrates herself with the colony by knowing and doing her duties as a member. However, her mind is always abuzz with possibilities.

What if she could do it? What if she could see what the whole world looked like? What if she did get the superpower? What if she could fly?

And there’s never a dull moment in Sera’s life because she is always looking for that perfect opportunity that will let her fly!

And the moment does come- on the day when Sera and Hira are sitting on the top of their ant hill and Sera catches a glimpse of dry Peepal tree leaves floating gently down the tree.

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And Sera’s brain flashes an idea!

Would that idea actually make her fly? Would Hira fly too? Would it change their lives forever?


This story by Katha Books carries a deep and day I say, an often suppressed message. Dreams are not meant to be forgotten, they are meant to be lived. Even when they look impossible, just keeping the flame alive even on a simmer, will ensure that our dreams burst into thriving flames at the right time. But when we stop believing in our dreams,  the flames are extinguished. If there is no simmer, there are no raging, leaping flames to catch on. Hold on to your dreams, and they will find a way to make themselves come true!

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The artwork by Nirzara Verulkar adds a lot of character to the story. The illustrations bring alive the longing and the vibrancy in the heart of the little ant, especially in the scenes where Sera is looking at the world beyond from her own little colony- aching to reach out. The illustrations of the colony make for very interesting perspectives and a captivating setting. Sera is an adorable character that the readers can easily identify with.

The book is a read-along pick for the story, illustrations, and the theme!

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