A few days ago, I was browsing through some old photographs of ours and I couldn’t help marveling at the drastic changes we have all gone through.  The amazing thing is the changes look almost imperceptible every day, but they add up big over time. You would agree immediately if you just happen to glimpse at your old photograph or your kids’ baby photos.

As a mom of 2 kids almost back-to-back( my kids are only 1 year and 4 months apart) the early years were spent in a frenzy, filled with baby feeds, sick days, diaper changes, and the lot in a never-ending cycle.

Try as I might, I failed at sticking to a self-care routine.

Over the years, I have realized that 3 things really important for well-being:

  1. Tiny things create big change

Back in those toddler days of my kids,  I was getting burnt out by all the external stimuli. My food, sleep, and work – everything was driven by other people(two tiny humans mostly, but they were taskmasters of the worst order!)

I was tired of it all, but the one thing I couldn’t muster the will for was a drastic change in my life. I was just not ready for it, it was just too much to even think of. I was physically exhausted and mentally drained.

And so, I decided to stick to one tiny little thing I would do for myself every day. One teeny-weeny thing. 

While preparing the meal for my toddler, I would quickly dip into the milk bowl, take a tiny bit of cream and apply it on my face. The time it took to heat the food, was my facial massage time. About 90 seconds every day. In about 2 weeks time, my colleague was asking me what I was doing to my face! It was glowing!

It didn’t require any time away from my existing routine. It didn’t require compromising on my time with my family. What it did require was a willingness to focus on me, and put some conscious effort into it.

All it took was 90 seconds(or less) a day, and it showed big results within 2 weeks. Every. little. thing. matters. 

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2.  Going the journey with someone makes a world of difference

As for most people, being fit has always been one of my top goals, but the journey has been far from homogenous; crests, and troughs all the way.   However, I remember one remarkable phase where I had the most transformation, not only in my body but in my mind as well- and it did not even feel like work! It was when I had joined a tiny group of individuals who decided to get together to work out every day. We decided to get together every day, but the maximum I could do was 4 days a week, but – the results, oh man! I  had lost weight and inches, of course, but more important than all of it was knowing that it was no more unattainable!

It was only possible because I now had a community to kick me back into the bandwagon if I fell off it!

I agree this was pre-COVID times, but shouldn’t we be doing the best we can? After losing motivation countless times after the lockdown began, I enlisted my friend to help me. She and I set up a simple challenge together.


Our challenge was in 3 steps:

  • Clock 12 Surya Namaskars every day.
  • Increase by 4 every week.
  • Reach a goal of 24 every day by the end of the 48-day cycle.

I have missed 4 days already. But, guess what? It was easier for me to start back.  The wall of resistance was much lower because I was watching someone else do it, which constantly showed me that I could too!

I now had a community that would give me my regular dose of inspiration to keep going. I could rely on them to kick me back into the bandwagon if I fell off it!

3. Feedback is fuel

Self-Care Inspiration

Photo from Pexels.com

Give someone a compliment, and you might have just helped them jump over that little mound that could have stopped them from going on with the nice thing they are doing. If my friend hadn’t complimented me on my skin, I would have stopped doing my tiny thing for self-care.

And then, of course, there’s the other side of giving compliments. The giver feels great too: ) Not to mention,  you make some great connections.

I remember walking into a sweet shop and I noticed a great pair of earrings on a fellow shopper. I told her I loved her earrings, and guess what! We got chatting, and she even gave me the name of the store where she got them!  We still keep in touch:)

A compliment fuels the effort of the person already trying hard. Knowing what they are doing is making a difference, will fuel the change further.

So, based on these three simple life learnings, our new sustainability Mantra is the 3T Mantra:

  1. Tiny consistent change.
  2. Tap into a community.
  3. Treat with a compliment.

May we also remind you it’s Mother’s Day in May?

The 3T Mantra is the philosophy behind our new campaign ‘#MummyFitFamilyFit‘ and this is our invitation to you to participate in our new campaign #MummyFitFamilyFit for the upcoming month of May.

Why #MummyFitFamilyFit?

Quite simply because we cannot pour from an empty cup. In the COVID times, there’s research saying that moms are twice burned out. It’s never the case that we don’t want to be surrounded by our families, but everyone needs their recharge time. Moms, more than anyone else. Now,  more than any other time.

Also, we believe that a mom who indulges in self-care has a happy family around her.

What should we expect?

A mom who indulges in self-care has a happy family around her!

  • Every day, through the month of May, we will bring you tiny nuggets of inspiration from people all over the world.
  • We will bring you smart, motivated people to help you with 3T ideas on a range of topics: health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, beauty, comfort, and trends! Let us know if we have missed something, and we will do our best to bridge the gap!
  • If you thought only moms could support each other, you are in for a (pleasant!) surprise! This series will feature significant others from the family who support the moms!
  • As a final touch, you will also find a nice, fun surprise at the end of the month.

Don’t forget to:

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