second time moms



It’s my second pregnancy and Vrishank’s pretty excited about it.

Ever since we revealed the news to him,  he’s been blasting me with his questions.  Now, how would you answer these?

– How did I get inside you? Did you swallow me?

My answer: You will not understand now, you will know when you grow up.

– How is the baby going to come out? From your mouth?

Since my first one was a C-section this one was easy.

Me: I would need to be in the hospital and they would cut my tummy

V:  Will they cut with a scissor? What will happen then? How will they stick the tummy together?

Through the conversation, he realized that I would have to be away from him for a few days.

Upset, he sat deep in thought for a few moments…

Suddenly,  his face beamed with joy for he had a smart idea….

“Hey mamma…Thatha can do it at home. He is a doctor”- referring to my dad who happens to be a doctor.

Second babies can be quite traumatic for first-borns!