In the new parent-teacher-technology partnership paradigm that the pandemic has brought on us, the school management system takes center stage for keeping critical communication channels open between the parents and the school. Schools and educational institutions are now resorting to using computerized systems to supercharge their administrative efficiencies.  Many parents report increased involvement in the child’s progress and improved relationship with the school staff post the adoption of a school management system.

It is not uncommon to use administration software to aid teachers’ and administrators’ day-to-day activities. If a school management system could both directly benefit parents and the school, it could be worth considering.

Read on to find out what key functions parents expect from a School Management Software. 

Seamless communication between parents and teachers with Smart School Management Systems

Not surprisingly, parents would expect timely and succinct updates on their children’s school progress. For private communications with the teacher, a secure communication platform would be needed. With an automated timetable management system, alerts can be easily sent to parents. 

Benefits of Little Lives:

The Little Lives school management system that constantly sends updates on what happened in class. Parents can receive timely communication from the school; from weekly announcements to sudden time changes. The communications feature in the app has given me the privilege of contacting teachers and getting an efficient response during working hours. I never had to ask for teachers’ personal numbers nor did I need to message them on a separate platform. Having a secure communication platform has helped improve my partnership with the school to ensure my child is learning well.

Teachers can also upload pictures, videos, and learning points, which can be greatly informative to parents on top of easing teachers’ workload. 

1. Timely updates about important school announcements 

Parents appreciate the ability to monitor the school’s daily status on a dashboard from a school management system app that pushes notifications whenever changes are made to the timetable or events calendar. It reduces the cycle time for communication while eliminating the need to rely on teachers to send updates separately. Not to mention, gives parents enough preparation time for school-related events. 

2. Interactive learning and sustained engagement 

With COVID-19 forcing reduced in-person lessons and more online classes, parents may worry that their children would receive less support from teachers. When conducting online lessons, teachers must still focus their attention on each individual and follow up on his/her progress. A school management system makes it easy for parents to keep abreast of their child’s progress. 

3. Lower cost of education with home-based learning

With livelihoods uncertain due to COVID-19, some families may feel the pinch and school fees may become a burden. Schools may too face financial difficulty when school fees or investments stop coming in. 

Parents may expect some leniency in fee payments and for schools to find more sustainable solutions to their concerns about fees. Schools may find that their operational costs are slashed by streamlining and digitizing work processes.  A good school management system can save a lot of money and reduce manpower needs for the school, leading to greater efficiency, which can then be passed on to parents. 

4. Easy access to learning materials for home-based learning

Having to minimize leaving home, much less visiting a library or bookstore to browse books, is a must in these times. In tandem with online learning, the learning management system used by the school would need to have a cloud-based school management system. This is to store learning material online, for access at any time by both students and parents. Being able to retrieve learning material at any time would make it easier for parents to review their children’s school work with them at their own pace. 

5. Updates on the go 

More schools are developing their own mobile apps to keep parents up to date about their children’s activities. Parents would benefit from a one-stop platform to access everything related to their children’s education – timetables, grades, feedback, health updates and events. Gone would be the days of separately checking the school website, their own email, texting apps and asking their own children. Parents can simply download the free app and get connected. By improving school-to-parent communication on the go, school management system apps have a bunch of benefits for both parents and teachers.

To Sum it Up

A smart school management system is designed to make parents’ lives easier. It is the nervous system for schools around which other technologies are incorporated to regulate administrative operations in a consolidated and smooth manner to increase the efficiency of the school and benefit the parent communities. 

If you are still looking for a system that will work well for your school’s operations, you can contact LittleLives to see how we can help!

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels