“World of Play Palace” is a great new block set by HABA, a company that is known for making top-rate toys and games for children. The “World of Play Palace” building block set is a prime example of why this company enjoys such a stellar reputation.

Product Details 

“World of Play Palace” features fourteen blocks in extremely unique shapes that can be used to build a grand castle or whatever pops into the imagination of the builder. The blocks include fun elements like bells, reflective surfaces, and illustrative designs and patterns.

Pros and Benefits

The rattle, mirror, prism and bell contained in these blocks help to enhance coordination and motor skills. The fact that these blocks are very uniquely shaped makes them ideal for building an array of abstract castles or combining them with other block sets to make truly unique structures. They are also big and sturdy so are safe for young children to play with.

Cons and Drawbacks 

This set is truly fantastic. It’s colorful, unique, and fun but unfortunately only contains fourteen pieces. If this set was larger, there would undoubtedly be more room for creative innovation.

Fun Additional Ideas

This set is a great way to introduce conversations about actual palaces, construction, and unusual shapes. It will be a fun game to build an array of palaces abs take photographs of each one to see how many different styles you can think up.

Final Notes

“World of Play Palace” retails for $29.99. To learn more, visit the official HABA website.

World of Play Palace

HABA’s “World of Play Palace” is a truly unique and gorgeous set of blocks.

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