Crayola is a world leader in producing art materials for children that are specifically designed in stages to align with your child’s creative development. Among their most popular lines is the My First Crayola line that allows children to experience the joys of painting and coloring without making any kind of permanent mess. The washable product line allows for self expression and creativity at an early age.

Crayola, Fingerpaint, Washable

Crayola’s washable finger paints.

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Product Details

Crayola’s newest “Washable Fingerpaint Kit” comes with four colors of paint–red, yellow, green, and blue–and ten sheets of washable paper. The smaller kits that compliments the fingerpaint kit include items such as four thick and triangular-shaped brushes and six large egg-shaped crayons in the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. When washed with water, all the paint and crayon marks vanish.

Pros and Benefits

All the items in the “Washable” line absolutely wash away entirely, just as advertised. Yet the colors are still beautiful and vibrant. The four tubes of paint in the “Fingerpaint” set are impressively sizable at 3 FL OZ and the sheets of paper are quite large and can easily be cut to make far more sheets than the initial ten. The color payoff on the crayons is good, although slightly more pastel than Crayola’s traditional non-washable crayons. Yet the fingerpaint is incredibly bright, mixes extremely well (the orange, purple, lime green, and brown you can create are equally vibrant), and is not streaky like other brands of washable paint can be when applied to the paintbrushes. The paint also dries quite quickly. The finish is matte, not shiny, but clear nail polish can be applied to it if the child prefers the final image to have a sheen.

Cons and Drawbacks

Overall, the items in the “Washable” line are fantastic. However, the paintbrushes have stiff bristles and so, when the paint is applied to paper using them, it is streaky. The paint does spread and mix well, but it is not as thick as other “non-washable” paints. Likewise, the washable crayons provide a great grip for children and do have a lovely color payoff, although it is not quite as vibrant as their non-washable crayon offerings. Moreover, it would be nice if the fingerpaint set also came with the color white so children could make shades like pink, lavender, light blue, etc. Also, once you whip the paint and crayons off the paper (which is specially made for the “washable” line), the paper might wrinkle up and be hard to reuse.

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Crayola, Art, Toy

Crayola’s jumbo-sized washable crayons.

Fun Additional Ideas

The washable crayons and paints can be used together very effectively and can even be used to teach children concepts such as artistic layering. For example, a child can use the washable crayons to draw on the washable paper BEFORE starting to paint. Once they have finished coloring with the crayons, they can then apply the paint to certain areas on top of the crayons. This creates a nice effect since the crayons come across as more pastel in hue, which contrasts nicely to the very vibrant paints.

Final Recap

These items in the My First Crayola line $6.99 to $9.99. To learn more, visit the official Crayola website.

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Crayola, Art, Toys

Crayola’s jumbo-sized and textured paintbrushes brushes.