Terrariums are a great way to teach children basic facts about earth science, gardening, and how to care for living things such as plants. Terrariums are educationally beneficial, but they can be very difficult to care for which is why heat lights—especially those with UV properties—can be so useful. To that end, a company known as Faber-Castell has released two items called the “Tropical Terrarium” and the “Grow Light” which work well when used together.

Product Details 

The “Tropical Terrarium” gives people everything they need to decorate, plant, water and grow their own little tropical paradise. The trendy geometric planting dish comes with easy to grow polka dot plant seeds (hypoestes) and potting mix. Figurines of a pink flamingo, a golden pineapple, and green palm leaves complete their look of the tropical setting even before anything grows. The set also includes colorful sand and stones. The entire plastic terrarium measures 5” w x 9” h.

The LED “Grow Light” enables people of all ages to nurture productive indoor gardens via this cheerful yellow-sun-faced light that mimics natural sunlight. It can be used to help plants in the Terrarium grow.

Pros and Benefits 

The “Tropical Terrarium” kit is very aesthetically pleasing and quick to set up. It includes easy-to-follow instructions that are helpful in assembling the tropical terrarium. It’s small and takes up little room so it’s easy to store. It’s fun to arrange the figurines and plant the seeds, waiting to see them grow.

The “Grow Light” is adorable to look at. Colored a cheerful and bright yellow, the round light is designed to look like a smiling sun. It is lightweight, easily portable, and gives off a brilliant glow. To charge, it must be plugged in using a USB cord (which is included), and no batteries are needed. The light comes with three long stalk-like legs do the light can be adjusted to fit both big and small gardening arrangements.

Cons and Drawbacks

The “Tropical Terrarium” can be set up relatively quickly, but it takes patience for the plants to grow. Moreover, getting the gold sticker tape around the edges can be a challenge. As for the “Grow Light,” it’s hugely problematic that it will not light up unless plugged into the wall and its legs have a tendency to fall off easily.

Fun Additional Ideas 

There is no limit on what you can grow in the Terrarium. So, even though the kit only comes with certain plants you can certainly add other seeds and plant fledgling flowers within the sand to see them flourish. The Tropical Terrarium and the Grow Light also open the door to a lot of discussions about plants, gardening, and other earth-science related topics.

Final Notes

The Tropical Terrarium retails for 24.99. The Glow Light retails for 29.99. To learn more, visit the official Faber-Castell website.

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The Glow Light helps the plants in the terrarium grow wonderfully.